TAI offers the wide range of Leaded Resistors at smaller sizes and integrated package to meet varied customer's needs. With our long term experience and professional production teams in China and Taiwan, we are able to provide the efficient customer service and Resistors with excellent quality that will fulfill customer's diversified applications.


                Leaded Resistors


                Carbon Film Resistors

                Precision Metal Film Fixed Resistors

                Metal Oxide Film Resistors

                Fusible Resistors

                Wire-Wound Fixed Resistors

                Terminal Type MO Resistors

                Metal Glazed Film Fixed Resistors

                Anti-Surge Fixed Resistors

                Cement Resistors

                Non-inductive CMOS Chip Resistors

                Cement Fixed Resistors

                Aluminum House WireWound Resistors

                See PDF Datasheet

                    SMD Resistors


                    Thin Film Chip Fuse

                    Thick Film Chip Resistors

                    Thin Film Chip Resistors

                    Metal Thin Film Chip Resistors

                    Anti-Sulfuration Chip Resistors

                    Thick Film High Voltage Chip Resistors

                    Thick Film Low Ohmic Chip Resistors

                    Metal Foil sensing Chip Resistors

                    Metal Foil High Power Current Sensing

                    Resistors RLP Series

                    Thick Film Chip Resistor Arrays(Network)

                    Convex Type

                Mini Ohm Resistors

                Cumn & Cuni

                MELF Resistors

                MELF Fusible

                MELF Metal Film

                MELF Carbon Film

                MELF Anti-Surge

                MELF Metal Oxide Film

                MELF Metal Glaze

                MELF Wire Wound


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